Audit & Testing

Our security audits on IT architecture and processes will allow you to measure the safety objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Flaws and vulnerabilities are identified by a weak point analysis, which will aid to provide you a safe and secure IT environment.

Audits are supplemented by penetration tests to check the configuration of the used systems in addition to the organizational and technical measures.

The protection of a company's IT security measures should be analyzed regularly in order to determine their effectiveness. May it be raw data or a workflow – our analysis will enhance your overall IT posture.

Interested in the standards we follow?

  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

We hold many certifications from CISSP, OSCP to CEH and the like.

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Consulting & Training

Successful protection of information requires a keen awareness of the problem and the active involvement of all employees. In combination with technical and organizational measures, this is the only way guarantee an active and efficient protection.

cyllective offers consulting services and training for all target groups within your company – from general users to IT experts.

  • ISO27k Implementation & Coaching
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Secure Development
  • Awareness Training (Train your users to adhere to the most common security practices)
  • Phising Training (Phish your own users, to determine the level of awareness)
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Systems Engineering

We support our clients to accomplish their business objectives in accordance with various industrial standards and regulations.

Our services include implementing secure and efficient solutions for your individual needs. Driven by open standards, our services help you to achieve a best-in-class, sustainable and safe IT environment.

  • Bring Your Own Device Solution (ByoD)
  • Network Access Control (IEEE 802.1X)
  • Web Proxy Gateways & WAN Optimization (e.g. Symantec ProxySG, Squid)
  • Data Loss Prevention (e.g. Symantec DLP)
  • Network Security Monitoring (NSM, e.g. Snort/Suricata)
  • Threat Intelligence Collection (Custom Threat Intell Feeds)
  • Configuration Management & ordinary Network Monitoring
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