Employees are your first line of defense - we make sure they are prepared.

Security Training

Security awareness training is a strategy used to prevent and mitigate user-based risks. Our trainings are designed to help your employees understand the security risks associated with their daily work, to maintain proper cyber-hygiene and supports them in identifying attacks which they are confronted with daily. This prevents security breaches and drastically reduces the operational risk of your company.

Our most frequently booked trainings are summarized in the following packages.

There is always the possibility of creating fully customized training addressing your unique cyber-security needs.

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Phishing Campaigns & Training
  • Threat Modeling Training
  • OWASP Top 10 - Theory & Practice
  • CI/CD Security
  • Live Hacking-Events (CTF)

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Security Training

Timeline of Collaboration


Kick-off Meeting

Together with the client's project team to discuss and finalize the scope.


Phishing campaign

In a phishing campaign, we target the customer's employees directly. In the following awareness training, the employees are sensitized to the dangers of the Internet.


Security Training for Engineers

Technical training with many hands-on exercises demonstrates to the engineers how hackers attack their systems and how to protect themselves against them.


Debriefing Meeting

The results of the security training and awareness campaigns are discussed in the debriefing meeting with the customer.