We assist you in securing your entire cloud stack. From the CI/CD pipeline to the orchestration up to the cloud environment itself.

Cloud Security

The cloud era is fueling modern software development. Compiling and manually installing software packages is a thing of the past in a modern production environment. Today, source code is automatically compiled, tested, and orchestrated. Faulty software components are automatically replaced at runtime.

This new ecosystem offers many new features and an excess of services which further enhance modern software development. The additional complexity introduced by these new technologies may entail overlooked risks.

cyllective has highly trained experts who can help you on your safe cloud-journey. We are ready to assist you with the following services:

  • Cloud Security Reviews & Testing (AWS, GPC, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenShift)
  • Sichere CI/CD Pipeline (Consulting, Engineering, Training)
  • Cloud-Orchestration Security Reviews (Kubernetes k8s, OpenShift)

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Cloud Security

Timeline of Collaboration


Kick-off Meeting

Together with the client's project team to discuss and finalize the scope.


Cloud Review

According to the offer and the details from the kick-off meeting, we check the customer's cloud and its integration for weaknesses and misconfigurations.



We write a detailed report, including a management summary, clear explanations for all findings, and remediation measures.


Debriefing Meeting

Together with the customer's project team, we discuss the report and all findings in detail.