Created specifically for small and medium enterprises - A quick and thorough analysis of your current IT security posture.

Cyber-Security Starter Package

The cyber-security starter package was created specifically to jumpstart IT Security within small to medium enterprises. We provide you with a quick and thorough analysis of your IT security state, by determining potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. The result provides insights into your IT security posture and helps you with actionable recommendations on how to improve.

The cyber-security starter package consist of a combination of different services:

  • Threat Modeling Workshop
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Attack-surface analysis through Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

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Timeline of Collaboration


Kick-off Meeting

Together with the client's project team to discuss and finalize the scope.


Vulnerability Assessment

In a Vulnerability Assessment, we scan the customer's infrastructure for software and its vulnerabilities.


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

In an OSINT analysis, we enumerate the customer's attack surface by searching the darknet and the open Internet.


Threat Modeling Workshop

With the obtained information, we go into the Threat Modeling Workshop with the customer, where we discuss, evaluate and prioritize vulnerabilities and risks.


Debriefing Meeting

Together with the customer's project team, we discuss the report and all findings in detail.